Thinking about upgrading to LED?

In recent years LED lighting has made huge advancements, they have become more warm in color and now can even be controlled with a wifi controller to enhance the color of the light or to put them on a schedule. We prefer HUE lighting by Philips for interior lighting in a home.  These lights can […]

HVAC Ionization 101

Most homes and buildings are traps for allergens, dust, and other contaminates, which can make allergies a whole lot worse than they need to be. Dual Point Ionization systems can improve your indoor air quality significantly. The system is installed in your central heating and cooling system. Air Cleaners are quite effective, quiet, with no maintenance needed. […]

Frozen Pipes?

When Texas experienced freezing weather in February Circle-E. was sourced for advice.  Listen to president Seann Slosson discuss what options you have when your pipes are frozen. You can call Circle-E Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical 24/7. Circle-E is located at 2951 Northern Cross Rd fort Worth TX 76137 or visit for questions and scheduling […]