Quick Response to Life's Emergencies

A disaster recovery plan is critically important to minimize the effects to your business. Knowing what needs to be done during and following the disaster can reduce the extent of the damage and help you to recover faster. From flood to fire, or any other type of emergency service, we are here to help with some the fastest response times in the business.

The biggest mistakes that are made during disaster recovery most often come from reacting to obvious problems in an unorganized way. We have a great deal of experience managing time sensitive situations under tremendous pressure. Circle-E can quickly deliver instant gratification and relief while operating within organized and insightful system of operations. We have what it takes to find the resources you need and get the job done right the first time. Call now to learn more!


  • 24/7 answered human response
  • Statewide Network of Technicians
  • IVR verification of time used
  • Reactive and Preventitive repair management
  • Call Prioritization and Emergency Management Response
  • Qualified Technicians to ensure the repair is correct
  • Vendor Insurance and Vendor Licensing Qualification Verification
  • Identifying the areas of a business where repair costs can be reduced

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