Refrigeration Repair Service

Circle-E Commercial Refrigeration has been delivering best-in-class commercial refrigeration products, maintenance and repair services to the food service and restaurant industry throughout Dallas-Fort Worth as well as neighboring communities. Our commitment to excellence has established Circle-E as a market leader, distributing a wide range of commercial refrigeration equipment and supplies to the food service industry.

Most would say that Circle-E is the BEST Commercial Refrigeration Repair & Maintenance Serving Dallas-Fort Worth. Our repair technicians are licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind that the job will be done successfully and professionally. When a problem arises, it could be costing you money by the minute, which is why you should contact Circle-E Commercial Refrigeration Repair.

If you are trying to fix your commercial refrigeration repairs, deep freezers, walk-in freezers, stainless steel welding and repairs or install new and used equipment, then hire us and we’ll take care of your commercial refrigeration repairs ASAP. CIRCLE-E offers dependable service with a FOCUS ON 100% SATISFACTION.