emergency HVAC and Plumbing Services

Whether you’re running a business or just trying to stay safe and comfortable at home or at work, your HVAC and plumbing systems are crucial. You need a company you can rely on when something goes wrong that can quickly diagnose and repair your system, preventing any further damage.


At Circle-E, our team of experienced plumbers and HVAC technicians are ready and waiting for your call. Our goal is to provide top-quality repair services that restore your system and get you back to business or your everyday schedule with minimal interruption. We aim to make 24-hour emergency plumbing and HVAC services feel like a breeze.

Residential Emergency Services

Whether you live alone in an apartment or have a large family in a big house, your HVAC and plumbing must operate perfectly to maintain your comfort. No matter what time it is, you can always turn to Circle-E for emergency heat, air or plumbing repair.


Residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area trust Circle-E for emergency HVAC and plumbing repairs in their homes. Our friendly and courteous licensed technicians are ready to come to your home at any time to diagnose and address any emergency breakdowns you may face.


With over 25 years of experience, Circle-E knows how to take on just about any repair quickly and efficiently. Call us for help with all your emergency repairs, including:

Commercial Emergency Services

Your commercial property presents special considerations regarding emergency repairs. Any unexpected breakdowns could disrupt your business and result in uncomfortable tenants or customers. With 24-hour emergency HVAC, plumbing and electrical services from Circle-E, you can address the problem quickly and get back to what you do best.


Our team of licensed technicians is trained to provide fast and discrete repairs that minimize the impact on your workflow. They can quickly evaluate and diagnose your problem and have all the tools, skills and knowledge they need to remedy it for you.


Some common commercial emergency services we provide to businesses like yours include:

Schedule a Service Today

The best way to prevent unexpected emergencies is to keep up with routine maintenance for your HVAC and plumbing systems. Make sure everything is in good working order by scheduling a routine system check and maintenance work today. For emergency HVAC and plumbing services near you, get in touch with us at 817-355-0044.


Want to spend even less on routine and emergency services? Sign up for our Winners Circle service program for savings and other great benefits for our residential customers.