Residential Preventive Maintenance

You can begin preventive maintenance to keep your home’s HVAC system performing at tip-top shape. When you partner with an experienced, quality-driven service provider, you can feel good knowing your system is working at its best. At Circle-E Facility & Home Services, we offer an HVAC preventive maintenance contract for your peace of mind.

Many homeowners are familiar with heating equipment repairs or cooling unit services yet unaware that preventive maintenance can avoid those issues. With a maintenance plan, you can receive regular system checkups to ensure a cost-effective and productive unit. The licensed team at Circle-E has the experience to handle any HVAC unit and keep your system running efficiently.

Why You Should Have an Annual HVAC Maintenance Plan

Most system manufacturers recommend regular upkeep regardless of how new your unit is. HVAC preventive maintenance can improve how your system serves your home. Our technicians have a trained eye for potential or current issues, so they ensure you get your money’s worth.

Aside from better performance, other benefits of HVAC preventive maintenance include:

  • Bill savings: Many HVAC systems have undetected issues that make them work harder and increase your energy bill. Regular system checkups can diagnose these problems before they increase your monthly charges.
  • System quality: Preventive maintenance can reduce the chance of future issues by catching them earlier. Certain HVAC repairs become more expensive over time, so we find the problem fast.
  • Longevity: With less need for repairs and better functionality, your HVAC unit can last for much longer. We like to think of preventive maintenance as an investment in your system’s durability.


HVAC Preventive Maintenance Checklist

One of the best times to schedule maintenance is right before turning on your heating or cooling system. Inspecting either unit helps us determine whether it needs repair before activating. When our team arrives for maintenance, we bring a checklist to assess your system. 

Our checklist will differ based on your specific unit. If you’re curious what our maintenance team looks for, here’s our essential to-do list for preventive checkups:

  • Replace air filters and mark their date 
  • Clean the condensate drain from the evaporator coil
  • Wash condenser coil with water 
  • Inspect coils for refrigerant leaks 
  • Check supply and return air temperature differences
  • Replace AC belts if needed 
  • Inspect electrical disconnect breaker 
  • Tighten electrical connections and wiring
  • Measure volts or AMPs on motors 
  • Inspect safety controls on all systems
  • Fill out a system analysis report for potential further repairs


Enjoy Peace of Mind With a Preventive Maintenance Plan

At Circle-E, we have seen the good and the bad in many HVAC systems. Our 25 years of experience help us identify possible costly issues in your unit before they happen. With an HVAC preventive maintenance plan, you can have confidence in your home’s heating and cooling.

When you join our Winner’s Circle, you save big on service and repair. For only $19.99 per month, you get 24/7 assistance, annual inspection, safety checks and more. To learn more about our self-serviced maintenance plan, you can call our team at 817-355-0044 or schedule an appointment online