Reactive Repairs

Circle-E employees licensed technicians that have a desire to make our world better one job at a time in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas.   We have performed thousands of repairs on electrical, plumbing and Heating and Air Conditioning systems since 1969 in commercial, industrial and residential settings.  We service the entire Dallas Fort worth Metroplex and the state of Texas for our multi-site customers.


    • Neon Repair | parking lot-pole light repairs
    • LED Pole Lights Retro fits | Electrical Installs
    • Electrical Installations & Repairs
    • Circuit Repairs & Installations
    • Electrical Panel Replacement
    • Security Lighting Installation
    • Photocell/Time Clock Replacement or Installation
    • Install and Repair Plugs & Outlets

Areas Served


      • Water Heater |Insta-Hot Installations & Repairs
      • Sink, Toilet, and Sewer Line Repairs
      • Drain Cleaning | Unclogging toilets
      • Fixture Installations
      • New Construction Projects
      • Hydro Jet Cleaning
      • Sewer Line Camera Videoing

Areas Served

Heating and Air Conditioning

    • Air Conditioning Installations & Repairs
    • Air Conditioning preventative maintenance
    • Refrigeration repair and maintenance
    • Compressor Repair & Replacement
    • Condenser Repair & Replacement
    • Air Conditioning coil cleaning
    • Filter replacement
    • A/C Thermostat Replacement
    • Heating Repairs

Areas Served


    • Sheet rock repairs
    • Painting
    • Door Replacement
    • Tile Repairs
    • Fence repairs
    • Welding
    • Metal Gate Repairs
    • Bollard replacement and repairs



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