Why the Air Quality in Your Home Matters

Why the Air Quality in Your Home Matters Having a home free of contaminants and toxins makes it easier to breathe and protects your family’s health. Keep your children or older loved ones safe with proper HVAC solutions to increase ventilation and improve your home’s air quality. How to Identify Pollutants in the Air of […]

Things to Consider When Buying a New HVAC System

Things to Consider When Buying a New HVAC System Deciding on a new HVAC system is a home improvement with many factors to consider. With an experienced HVAC provider you trust, you can choose a new system with confidence.  At Circle-E Facility & Home Services, we know how to choose an HVAC system that’s right […]

Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Efficient Homes Circle-E Facility & Home Services provided HVAC, electrical and plumbing repair, installation and maintenance for over 25 years. In that time, we’ve committed to greater energy efficiency for all homeowners. We’re proud to offer the latest and most effective technology and methods to improve your space and efficiency. Benefits of an Energy-Efficient […]


You can unclog an AC drain line in just a few minutes using minimal tools if you catch the clog early enough. Circle-E. professionals suggest that you avoid using harsh chemicals such as Drano to unclog the block. Follow these steps when an AC drain line clogged: 1. Get supplies: You may need a bucket […]

Saving money with a tankless water heater!

Traditional water heaters store water inside where it is reheated until needed for use. This means that energy is being used to keep the water hot even when you don’t need it. Tankless models, on the other hand, produce hot water as it flows through the device, letting you save on energy costs. What is […]